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DateSimple is the dating app that sticks with you From Hello Through I Do! We are the dating app that you don't delete.

Swipe. Match. Date

We are here to bring dating back! Let's be honest the new age of dating apps are pretty much the same. You swipe endlessly, make some matches, chat but where does it go from there?

DateSimple is the only app that provides you with experiences you can book with a few taps of your screen!

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Make It Exclusive!

We all know the time in every relationship where we know they are the one! When that time comes, Make It Exclusive!

Send an exclusive connection request, and once accepted you'll be removed from the dating pool and won't have to worry about any additional temptations.

Don't Delete Me!

Though you're in an exclusive relationship, it doesn't mean you have to remove us from your phone. Once you have an exclusive connection in the app, we go from your wingman/wingwoman to your goto spot for date ideas and expereinces!

Inbox user interface

What are you waiting for?

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